When the whole world is insane, sanity looks like madness.

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There are no safe spaces in Douglas Wilson's stories.

"Ride Sally, Ride proves it is just as true in his near future sci-fi as it was in his skewering of worldly evangelicalism in Evangellyfish."

~ Hunter Baker, J.D., Ph.D., Author and Dean at Union University

What satire?

"Wilson grasps the untold ambiguities that contemporary pastors experience. This is realistic fiction. No, make that just realistic."

~ Mark Galli, Senior Managing Editor, Christianity Today, on "Evangellyfish"

"Scathing . . . Insightful . . . Hilarious"

Evangelicalism is ripe for satire and Wilson does it well.

~ Tim Challies, Challies.com, on Evangellyfish

Doug Wilson isn't writing about 'those crazy Christians'

"He's writing about us crazy Christians . . . Wilson understands better than most that 'judgment must begin at the house of God,' and that God still dwells there despite the most squalid conditions."

~ Ted Olsen, Managing Editor, News & Online Journalism, Christianity Today, on Evangellyfish

Not a Christian insider novel

"And it's not gentle. It cuts deeply and shamelessly. . . But it will make sense to anyone who's witnessed the horrifying antics, political quagmires, and social foolishness common to American experience and to its Christian evangelical subculture in particular."

~ -Aaron Belz, Books and Culture, On Evangellyfish

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Murder. Fixed juries. Romance.

A comedy of manners in a world without manners.

That world being a sexual dystopia in the very near future

a time in which Ace found his way into and out of the vortex.

And Stephanie did, too.

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